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Musical Birthdays

Musical Birthdays

Interested in having a musical birthday party?  Together we can sing, dance and explore instruments! I play ukulele, banjo-uke, guitar, banjo, and violin, as well as bring small percussion instruments to share with the children.

For parents & children? Yes! Parents are invited to join in the interactive fun. I bring props that keep the littlest ones attentions, (i.e scarves, egg shakers, rhythm sticks & puppets) and parents get to play along with us.

What sorts of songs will be played? I have a set of songs that are tried and true favorites, they include call and response songs, birthday themed songs and a few familiar melodies from the general children’s canon of music. Sometimes a child has a favorite song or two they’d love to hear and I can weave it into the mix. We often close our music circle honoring the special birthday child with “Happy Birthday” sing-a-long style.

Played many parties? Yes! I’m honing in on my 70th party this year. Having shared in so many celebrations I’ve gathered some insights into the myriad of ways children enjoy being celebrated and have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Please be in touch for scheduling, pricing and availability: jana@janavitols.com


Jana’s class is magical; she captures young children’s attention gently and creates a musical journey. I’ve taken both of my girls to her classes for years now and they’ve always loved going. Now my older daughter checks in with her sister about what she learned each class and they sing the songs together!

~Lauren, mom of preschool-aged daughters